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Frequently asked questions

Q :Does your product come ready to use? Or do we have to buy other accessories?

A: Our product comes as a complete product ready to assemble. Extra accessories are bought separately.

Q :Is your Menorah easily assembled and stored?

A: Yes our Menorah could not be easier. With less than 3 minutes setup time, the Menorah is easily setup and ready to use. The menorah is stored compactly, that it will not take up too much space until next year.

Q :Do you need any tools to assemble the Menorah?

A: NO.

Q :How Do I light each bulb for every night of Hanukah?

A: The Menorah comes with 9 separate switches located in the back of the middle stem. Every evening, simply press one switch to light the next light.

Q :Does your Menorah come with a circuit breaker for extra protection?

A: Yes, the Menorah has a circuit breaker that can easily be reset.

Q :Does the Menorah have any designer recognition?

A: A few designer firms were involved in creating the product including the renowned N&M Design Firm.

Q :Do you need a ladder or stepstool to turn on the switches?

A: No, you can easily turn on the switches with your hand.

Q :How much does the Corporate Menorah Weigh?

A: Top Part: 14lb. Stem: 12lb. Base 22lb. Glass Plates & Rings 2lb.

Q :How does the extension piece work?

A: The extension piece is an optional accessory that raises your Menorah from six foot to an seven foot and six inch Menorah .

Q :Who are Corporate Menorah's clients?

A: Hotels, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Shopping malls, Office building, Synagogues, Banks, Apartment Buildings and Town Halls.

Q :Does Corporate Menorah ship the Menorahs out of the USA?

A: Yes, Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Q :Does the Menorah work outside of the USA, where the electricity is different from the USA?

A: Yes, But you can not use our bulbs. You will have to buy bulbs locally.

Q :Do you need to use our bulbs?

A: No. Any standard size will do. However the 6 inch chimney shaped bulb is extremely attractive, and bright. Our bulbs have a life expectancy of 1,500 hours. If you use them primarily for Hanukah ,they will last for many years.