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Corporate Menorah. An innovative American company focused on single mission: To bring the corporate industry a stylish menorah that fits their sophisticated lifestyle. We are committed to serving corporate companies worldwide with the most unique, stylish and trendy Corporate Menorah.

During the holiday season, many corporate companies search for the perfect holiday decorations to adorn their lobbies and storefronts. Corporate Menorah offers the perfect Judaic solution to combine with your other holiday decorations. Featuring a stylish, sleek and trendy product, Corporate Menorah is a unique menorah that compliments your sophisticated company image..

Corporate Menorah draws on a decade of experience in the real estate and management industries for ideas and solutions on making this product the most useful, durable and storable Menorah. The Menorah is easily detachable and divided into 3 parts. It can be stored compactly until next year when it is needed again. Enjoy your product with a one-time investment.



Award-winning N&M design inspires those who appreciate style, design and uncompromising quality. N&M’s eye for design has helped their clients understand that art and design are about style and creating a total look – including accessories and detail. N&M also focuses on the most important part of the design - making practicality a reality.

N&M design provides the cutting edge look of professionalism sought by every company . A leading design firm in New York City, N&M has created some of the most tasteful structural decorations. Their Menorah has garnered critical acclaim internationally for its design and quality. Our exclusive only; guaranteed to be a head turner.

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